Project and Business Controls

Successful projects start with and are maintained only when proper planning and procedures are implemented systematically with the target of predetermined objectives. For a project management plan to work it must be supported by project control processes that monitor and identify any deviation from plan.

To make that assessment, our project controls people will assess the data and determine what actions are needed to prevent or correct issues.

Project complexity, team experience, cost, project importance, and other factors determine the level of control needed. Excessive control can cause project costs to spiral upward and divert resources from more important tasks. Poor control leads to delays, errors, and lower-than-expected project quality.

We can help you determine the project controls needed, from simple change management processes to full Early Warning/Compensation Event management under the NEC with programme and cost impact evaluation.

Outside of direct project management support we can also assist with the streamlining of your business activities aligned to the construction process including for example setting up internal cost value reconciliation systems, procurement protocols, payment templates, change management templates, valuation and final accounting templates, through to a total review of your Quality Management Systems.


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